History & Heritage

Find out more on the history that’s made us what we are today.

Brains Founders

A family affair

Brains was founded in 1882 when Samuel Arthur Brain bought the Old Brewery on St Mary Street Cardiff along with his uncle Joseph Benjamin Brain. The company remains entirely in family ownership to this day and 10 family members have served as chairman over the years. Our current chairman John Rhys is the great-grandson of Samuel Arthur Brain himself. The founders would be proud to see how Brains has become Wales’ leading brewer and pub retailer and the family is fully committed to remaining an independent family-owned company for many years to come.

Brains Old Cardiff Brewery

Our famous beers

The Brains range of beers has developed and changed over the years and while Brains Bitter has been brewed since 1882, our range today contains several old favourites alongside exciting newer brews reflecting changing consumer tastes.

The Birchgrove pub

Brains pubs

When Samuel Arthur and Joseph Benjamin brought the brewery in 1882 the purchase also included 1 pub, The Albert to serve their beers, now Yard and Bar Kitchen. We’ve now got more than 150 great pubs across Wales for you to enjoy.