Work In A Pub

Join the Brains family, and give our customers great service so they can relax and enjoy everything we have to offer.

From cellar to stove, with all the passion in between.

With a diverse range of pubs across some of Wales’ most beautiful locations, we’re known as the ‘toast of a nation’, and we’re looking for people like us, who want to get out what they put in. So if you’re loud, proud, passionate, up for a challenge and enjoy a bit of fun-come and see what’s on offer.


We recognise it’s your hard work that makes our pubs great, and because of this, we’ve put together some fantastic rewards and benefits packages. From gift vouchers to ski trips, and of course, some free beer, if you’re willing to put in the work, Brains is a glass packed full of rewards.

The door’s wide open to pursue new opportunities

Adam Roach General Manager

Lead by Example

Inspiring our teams to deliver great results; our Managers lead from the front and are the driving force behind our business. Your hard work and commitment is the glue that holds our teams

Let your personality Shine

Turn your hard work into big rewards.

Passion on a Plate

Our key ingredients: our people