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Dark - 5 Litre Bag In Box

A true classic, Brains Dark has been brewed continuously since the 1920s and is still winning awards today. Chocolate malts help create this treacle-coloured yet easy-drinking ale with its distinctive creamy head.

With a deep intense flavour containing hints of liquorice and freshly ground coffee, Brains Dark goes well with traditional chocolate desserts.

Our 5-litre ‘Bag in Box’ beer is a convenient way to enjoy fresh, delicious cask-conditioned ale at home.

Your beer will be filled to order direct from casks that have been carefully conditioned and allowed to settle in our brewery cellar so that its ready to drink as soon as you receive it.

The cask conditioning process gives you beer that has been naturally carbonated by the yeast and has not been filtered or pasteurised giving you all of the flavour and characteristics of a cask beer, in a smaller convenient package to enjoy at home.

Please be aware the beer is not ‘fizzy’ like keg/bottled or canned beers. One of the key benefits of cask ale is that it is less gassy and much easier to drink!

The beer in our ‘Bag in Box’ is a fresh, perishable product and has a comparatively short shelf life of 7 days. Once opened we would recommend consuming within 24 hours and before the best before date on the label.

Important info.

The cut-off for orders is 21st May 2024

Next Delivery Date is 24th May 2024

Shelf Life: 5 Days

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